Taking my own advice...

Last year I sought to better understand the motivations of the parents at The Beech Hill School.  There was much that I hoped to learn, but one thing that I asked of all those that I met with was - why choose BHS?   As one might guess, those responses varied in relation to the strengths and challenges related to their individual children.  Among the responses, however, was a consistent message from BHS families that they valued the expertise of The Beech Hill School’s faculty and staff.  That feedback sparked the idea of The BHS Blog and the endeavor to maintain a regularly updated blog about all things “Middle School.”  We went live last March and posted updates with some regularity.  Response was positive, and the blog was beginning to take off .

Spring gave way to summer, however, and despite popular belief, that is an incredibly busy time for schools.  In the first few weeks, time is spent putting the previous year “to bed.”  By the time that July 4th rolls around, it is time to switch attention to the coming year and beyond.  This year, with an anticipated roll-out of 5th grade in 2018 and the success of Summer Programs at BHS, the summer was especially busy.  Unfortunately, the BHS Blog was tended to about as well as my children’s garden.  While the old posts remained relevant, there were not timely updates and it just sat there.

The longer The BHS Blog went untended, the harder it was to muster the focus to draft a meaningful, new entry.  Rather than just posting an article, it became a game of avoidance.  September gave way to October and now here we are in November.  So now what?  I figured I could do one of three things – I can take the blog down, I can “let it be,” or I can take “The Courageous Step” and just get back at it.  Since I have been speaking with my students about perseverance, “The Courageous Step” and “The only way to get past it is through-it,” I believe it is time to heed my own advice.   There is only one answer and that write another blog post.

So, The BHS Blog is back, and we will be publishing updates every other week, if not sooner.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next entry when I will write about “The Courageous Step.”