The Middle School Experience

The Beech Hill School is proud to focus exclusively on the developmental needs and challenges of middle school students.  Every aspect of our community - size, curriculum, schedule and faculty - supports the specific needs of middle schoolers.


At the Beech Hill School, we believe that middle school students thrive in communities where their strengths are celebrated, and they are individually challenged on a moment-to-moment basis.

The middle school experience

  . . . is unique. . . . is exciting . . . is daunting

. . . and is Fun.


Student Development

Middle school is a time of tremendous transition and growth – socially, physically, and cognitively.  During this time, students are developing different relationships with peers, teachers, adults, and their families.  They are finding and testing limits, both internal and external. They are forming opinions, not only of the world around them but also of themselves.  Unlike most independent schools, The Beech Hill School is solely focused on middle school education and the unique developmental needs of students during this exciting time.


The Challenges of Middle School

Just as exciting as middle school can be, it can also cause anxiety and trepidation.  Students and parents ponder many questions, and the path of a middle school student can be bumpy and uncertain.  At The Beech Hill School, faculty are specifically trained to support students and parents through this time of uncertainty.  Questions asked during these years - and embraced with an open dialogue at BHS - may include:

                Will I be known?              Is it cool to be smart?                Do I have friends?

What if I struggle with the more challenging topics?                 What is expected of me?  

   What is important to me?                          What if I feel overwhelmed?

How will I keep it all organized?               What if  . . . .?

Being dedicated to only the middle grades, The Beech Hill School is committed to helping students become more confident in their abilities and better prepared for high school and beyond.   Small classes, block scheduling, and an enriching elective program all help form the most engaging and productive learning environment for a middle school mind.