An Innovative, Independent Middle School

GRADES 5 - 8

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February 22, 2019

3:00Pm to 4:30

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"The Beech Hill School truly wants every student to thrive, grow, and learn and my son has; plus, he loves every step along the way. Teachers, leadership, curriculum and overall philosophy are exceptional."

- A current Beech Hill School Parent

At The Beech Hill School, our middle school students have the latitude to explore their passion for learning in a rigorous academic environment.  In addition to strong content knowledge and self-awareness, students also develop critical academic and social skills.   Our curriculum is planned to prepare students to be confident and capable in their abilities, for high school and beyond.  The Beech Hill School is a community where students feel safe and supported to take intellectual risks.

As the only independent middle school in central New Hampshire, The Beech Hill School offers a unique educational experience during these defining years of transition and growth.  Located just five miles from downtown Concord and with easy accessibility to I-89, The Beech Hill School is convenient for families from several New Hampshire towns.

"Middle school students are at such a pivotal point in their development-- being in a safe and encouraging environment is so important so that their love of learning isn't snuffed out by bullying or peer pressure, or even just boring classes-- and it makes my job, of helping to provide a healthy environment and maintain this excitement about the world, feel meaningful."

- A Beech Hill School faculty member


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