Core Curriculum


The mathematics curriculum balances problem-solving with skill development, arithmetic fluency, and number sense. The general course sequence includes 6th grade math , pre-algebra, and algebra. Like all classes additional challenge and support is provided as necessary.

Social Studies

Students in Social Studies examine the world in which they live, acquiring and utilizing the tools of a social scientist. In grade 6 students focus on World Geography. In Grade 7 the focus is on United States History. Finally, in Grade 8, students examine modern history and current events.

English Language Arts

English covers a wide variety of topics, including literature, grammar, writing, and spelling. In the past year students have read works from authors like John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury, William Shakespeare, and Homer. The class focuses on the process of writing, feedback and revision. In the end, this class prepares students to read critically and write effectively.


All students are required to take Spanish and it is the only world language offered as a major class. Students communicate in written and spoken Spanish and will discover and explore the culture of Spanish speaking countries.


Students have an opportunity to interact with their surroundings in science, utilizing the scientific method or observe, record, and hypothesize throughouttheir time at BHS. In Grade 6 the focus is geology, in Grade 7 - biology, and in Grade 8 - physical science. Throughout the curriculum students are expected to create and conduct experiments and to work independently on unique projects.