Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson, Head of School

Welcome to The Beech Hill School!  This website is intended to convey an important message that is central to all that we do – the middle school years are critical to one’s future.

The faculty and I love working with children in the "middle grades." Experience has taught us that if we can challenge and support the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development of our students, we will help them create a foundation for achievement throughout their lives.

For me, this work is very personal.  In 1987, I had the life changing opportunity to attend Choate Rosemary Hall, an independent secondary school in Wallingford, CT.  Prior to that, I had a solid educational experience in Wallingford’s public schools, highlighted by several very good teachers.  When I arrived at Choate, however, I found that I had never learned how to learn, nor had I been truly challenged intellectually.  Following my experiences at Choate and Hamilton College, I embarked on a career in education. I started my career teaching, coaching, and advising middle school students. I soon realized that I wanted to prepare middle school students differently, preparing them for the challenges that they would face in high school, college, and life.  Throughout my career, I discovered that if I truly wanted to assist my students to develop a strong sense of self, build skills and habits that promote learning, and to regard their life with a positive attitude, then it was middle school where I should focus my efforts.  Fortunately, in 2011, I found that a new school, The Beech Hill School, was seeking leadership for a middle school founded on the very principles that I had developed through my experiences.  In the time since I was appointed Head of School, I have had the pleasure of leading the students and faculty with these values in mind.

Whether you have found The Beech Hill School’s website because you are considering application, because you want to learn more about our programs, or are interested in joining our faculty and staff; you will have access to a wealth of information.  You will find that The Beech Hill School has firmly established itself as a leader in middle school education. However, in order to fully understand what makes The Beech Hill School so special, you need to meet the people that make up our community. To get a sense of what happens here on a daily basis, I encourage you to visit and "like" our Facebook page. Most of all, I encourage you to contact us and to visit our school.  We welcome your interest and are excited to share with you the history, present, and future of our school –The Beech Hill School.


Rick Johnson
Head of School