Every trimester the students are able to choose from 8 to 12 courses that meet twice a week for a total of 80 minutes. Typically classes either offer and introductory experience in a certain area or a very narrow and in-depth exploration.

Study Hall

Three times a week each student at BHS has Study Hall.  Working in conjunction with the Skills class, students come to study hall prepared to tackle particular assignments or catch up on specific work.  During Study Hall periods all teachers are available for extra help and counseling.  As students move through their 8th grade year the structure of Study Hall is left solely to the student, in preparation for the freedom they will experience during their free periods in their secondary schools.

Physical Education

All students participate in a rigorous, non-traditional, physical education curriculum that features everything from archery to volleyball. All physical education classes occur during the class day, and students generally spend about 100 minutes a week in PE classes.


Students are exposed to many different elements of outdoor leadership, stewardship, and safety. Throughout the year our students hike, build fires, wade in a beaver pond, solo in the woods, and create shelters in all seasons. Outdoor classes meet for about 100 minutes a week.


Students in grade 7 & 8 spend 40 minutes every week tackling realworld problems and envisioning solutions. In the past, students have examined the issues surrounding refugees, homelessness, bee populations, and animals in shelters.


Research shows that reading for pleasure can improve overall learning and thinking. Every week our students are provided a 40 minute period for pleasure reading. Students are not allowed to do homework or to watch videos at this time.