Do you require SSAT results?

We do not require SSAT results, specifically, for admission.  Rather, we ask that you submit the results of standardized testing from their current school.  Some examples of testing are the NECAPs, NWEA, or the ERBs. If your child has taken the SSATs, you may submit those as well.  

When making our admission decisions, we look at the whole child.  While we do consider standardized tests results, we are looking at these results within the context of the student's entire profile.  In order to gain the clearest understanding of a student's learning profile, we gather information from transcripts, standardized testing, parent feedback, teacher recommendations, and observations from the shadow day.  As we gather this information, it helps to create a picture that helps the admission committee make an informed decision about whether BHS is the optimal school for a child.  We work with families to ensure that admission decisions are mutually understood.