What grades does BHS serve? How do you meet the specific needs of middle-school students?

Currently, BHS includes grades 5th through 8th. 

Throughout the United States, middle schools are often a division within a larger school, especially for independent schools or smaller public school districts.  For example, schools are typically Pre-K through 8, 6 through 12 or Pre-K through 12.  Therefore, resources, vision, expertise, and focus are split amongst the different divisions.

At The Beech Hill School, our focus, attention, and expertise is entirely devoted to the middle school experience.  Thus, everything at BHS - our hiring, our professional development, our mission – is guided by and designed around the needs of middle school students.  While many public schools establish unique middle schools, they are still part of a larger administrative unit and/or are much larger in scale.  Our teachers and administrators are experts in early adolescence.  Small class sizes and strong advisor/advisee relationships allow our program to be developed and implemented with precision, care, and purpose.

The Beech Hill experience is designed to meet the unique needs of middle school students as they navigate the many cognitive, social, physical, and emotional changes and challenges of early adolescence.  Cognitively, middle school students bounce around a continuum from concrete to abstract thought as they learn new material, make connections and begin to appreciate their impact and relationship with the world outside of themselves.  At BHS our teachers are acutely aware of where each student is on that continuum of thought and help to foster more abstract reasoning and perspective.

The middle school years can be a time of uncertainty for parents as well. BHS is committed to supporting the needs of our parents through regular round-table community conversations, and open and direct communication between faculty and parents.  When a child is enrolled at BHS the family becomes a part of a supportive, inclusive community where we work together to foster and celebrate the lives of middle school students.

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