How does BHS teach study skills?

The Beech Hill School creates a foundation for achievement within its students.  Thus, we need to prepare our students to be adaptable, self-aware, and resilient.  How they learn is as important as the content they cover.  All students meet in a specifically designed Skills class three times a week to focus exclusively on the development of study, life, and leadership skills that support successful lifelong learning.  The Beech Hill School communicates regularly with leaders in secondary schools to better understand the skills required beyond middle school , and we modify our Skills curriculum accordingly to be sure our students are equipped with the skills required for success in secondary school and beyond.

In addition to Skills Class, all Beech Hill students have multiple study halls per week.  During this period, students learn to make productive use of their time.  Students have the opportunity to work with teachers for extra help and to work collaboratively with classmates on projects.

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