How does The Beech Hill School support student's extra-curricular interests and commitments not associated with the school?

Middle school students have an abundance of opportunities to engage in community programming, like sport teams, Scouting, music lessons, art lessons, and other specialized programming.  We want our students to maintain a connection with the communities in which they live and to participate in activities at levels that are appropriate.  The Beech Hill School supports and encourages students to continue participating in their extra-curricular activities.  As such, many of our students are able to compete at very high levels in sports like hockey, equestrian and skiing or to follow their passion for music or the arts at the highest levels.  At times, this commitment may require travel and missed classes.  The Beech Hill School is uniquely qualified to serve students in this situation, as our advising system, comprehensive communication, and individual attention makes it possible for students to keep pace.

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