What does "rigor" mean at The Beech Hill School?

One of the most important reasons that families choose a Beech Hill School education is its steadfast commitment to providing a rigorous and diverse education within the class day; from 8:30 – 3:10.  As such, we have developed a uniquely rich class schedule and curriculum.  At BHS, we define "rigor" in the following ways:

  • Rigor means gauging each student’s progress and asking if it is in keeping with his/her ability.

  • Rigor means emphasizing depth over breadth and focusing on skill development rather than content memorization.

  • Rigor means high expectations of work quality and effort.

  • Rigor means challenging students to make connections and think more broadly, guiding them to more abstract thought.

  • Rigor means students who are actively engaged and developing their own ability to self-assess.

  • Rigor means the integration of curriculum across disciplines and the opportunity to explore new and exciting courses through an extensive elective program.

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