Why does a faculty member choose to work at BHS, where do faculty come from, and what qualifications are required of new faculty?

The strength of any school is tied tightly to the quality of its teachers.  At The Beech Hill School, we take great pride in our teaching faculty, and provide them the autonomy, support, and community that make this school an ideal place to teach.  When hiring, we do not limit our searches geographically, and as a result have a teaching staff that has lived and worked in schools throughout the United States.

Faculty at The Beech Hill School must have a passion for teaching, learning, and life.  While our faculty are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, most have advanced degrees.  In fact, 83% of our faculty has advanced degrees in education or a field related to their specific teaching discipline.  Educators at The Beech Hill School must not only have mastered the content they teach, but they must also share in the beliefs that:

  • Middle School is critical for future achievement
  • Teaching and Learning is a human endeavor
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • A sound community is essential to learning

Finally, at BHS each faculty is a committed and experienced middle school educator.  With a keen understanding for the balance of setting boundaries and providing structure while allowing students the freedom to explore and express themselves, the BHS faculty strive to meet the specific needs of our middle school aged population.  Ever available for counsel and yet always respectful of student space, students at BHS find the faculty to be accessible, supportive and respectful.  Finally, BHS faculty are committed to presenting attainable and safe challenges to our students on a daily basis – thus providing an environment where young adolescent students may take safe and calculated risks.  At BHS our faculty provide a high ceiling of achievement balanced by a soft landing for struggles and failures.

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