What is the mission of The Beech Hill School?

The Beech Hill School is proud to focus exclusively on the developmental needs and challenges of middle school aged students.  Every aspect of our community - size, curriculum, schedule and faculty - supports the specific needs of middle schoolers.

At the Beech Hill School, we believe that middle school students thrive in communities where their strengths are celebrated and they are individually challenged on a moment-to-moment basis.

The Beech Hill School is

  • Creating a safe, nurturing and enriching learning environment;
  • Balancing a traditional, rigorous academic curriculum with a rich extracurricular program;
  • Utilizing a progressive, student-centered pedagogy;
  • Valuing and implementing meaningful assessment which guides instruction;
  • Embracing appropriate technology;
  • Expecting both students and faculty to be members of a collaborative learning community guided by shared purpose;
  • Endeavoring to extend learning beyond the classroom;
  • Being governed by an Honor Code, dependent on respect, responsibility, integrity, and honesty;
  • Attracting, hiring, retaining, and developing exemplary teachers;
  • Supporting, encouraging, and expecting faculty to learn and grow in their own discipline and teaching practice;
  • Building a strong family-school partnership;
  • Celebrating differences and achievements; and
  • Learning from, and persevering through, setbacks.
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