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Our elective program is created to provide students with an opportunity to experience a topic outside the traditional curriculum.  The electives offered are chosen for a variety of reasons.

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English/Language Arts

Our increasingly complex and collaborative world requires that young people become effective communicators. The ability to think about ideas -- and to express these ideas through speaking and writing with greater complexity and clarity -- is essential for success in the academic and professional world.

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Students have spent the bulk of elementary mathematics developing their number sense and operational fluency.  During middle school, students will use these skills to begin delving into rich, complex problems in various disciplines.

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The Science Program at BHS includes a year each of Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.  All of the science courses investigate the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind the concepts we explore.

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Social Studies

The social studies curriculum is designed to integrate with themes being addressed in the English classes.  In 6th grade, students will focus on the literature theme of plot and setting while they are learning about actual places and cultures around the world.

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Through history, art, geography, food, and music, students learn Spanish and are exposed to Spanish culture. Similar to the way a first language is learned, most of the Spanish curriculum is focused on speaking and listening.

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